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What are these guns used for?

Our guns are applicating tools primarily used to dispense polyurethane foam sealants and adhesives. 

What products are compatible?

These foam guns are compatible with all major manufacturers of single component screw-on polyurethane foam sealants. Additional compatibility information available by request.

How do I use this thing?

Start by attaching a can to the receptacle on top, ensuring the threads are lined up and creating a proper seal. From there it is as easy as pointing and squeezing the trigger. A flow control knob is used to adjust the amount dispensed. 


After using, be sure to liberally dispense a cleaning solvent through the inner workings of the gun to prevent build-up and interior damage. The attachment receptacle may also require some attention. Proper maintenance is essential for the long-term use of your foam gun.

How many of these guns can I get my hands on?

Our guns can be ordered by piece or by case, in any quantity. Reduced rates may apply when ordering by case quantites (20 guns per case). 

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